Liz (musicianatheart) wrote in shoeboxchatland,

you probably forgot all about this, didn't you

this morning, instead of going to class in the -10ºF (windchill of -30ºF--that's around -22 and -34ºC) weather, I was playing with maps, which of course led me to remember about this old thing. turns out there were a bunch of requests from the last post that I'd never put on the map, and so I took care of those. I suppose if you want to claim any of those remaining, you can do so--we haven't managed to take over the entire world just yet. =D

europe: moldova, slovenia

central america: el salvador

asia: turkmenistan, tajikistan, north korea, qatar, bahrain, kuwait

africa: western sahara, mauritania, namibia, central african republic, rwanda, burundi, uganda, somalia, tanzania, malawi, equatorial guinea, cameroon, angola, eritrea, benin, gambia, guinea-bissau, gabon

various pacific islands
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